Privacy Policy

Effective May 14, 2018

At Nichole Manner, Photographer, we aim to provide you with a safe, entertaining way to inform you of our services and products, without the worry that your information will be sold and distributed to third parties, or used inappropriately. While you are enjoying our website, there is some information that is gathered about you with regards to page visits and duration. This is a fairly common practice, as it helps service providers such as Nichole Manner, Photographer analyze what would be done better to serve their client base.

Our Privacy Policy is explained below. This Policy may be updated at any time, so if you have any concerns about data collection and how we use it, please keep checking back.

1) Information we collect from you

Data can be collected when users visit our website. Approved methods of collection are as follows:

1.1 If you will out our contact form to inquire about our services, we collect information to respond to your inquiry and give the most accurate response. This information is funneled into a database in a third party studio management system,  for view and use only by Nichole Manner, Photographer. In the event of an e-commerce transaction, rest assured that Nichole Manner, Photographer does not store credit card information.

1.2 Traffic data, location data, web logs, duration and any other details about your site visit may be collected.

1.3 Any communication on our website involving blog and/or website comments, email communication, including contact forms, etc.

2) Use of Cookies

Cookies are used to collect information and statistics about the visitors of this website, and how the website is used.  We may use cookies to improve your visitor experience. This is a relatively common practice. However, if you are sensitive about cookies and the information they collect, you can simply block them on any modern web browser.

3) Use of your Personal Information

3.1 Regarding any inquiry for our services and/or products and availability.

3.2 Any commitment we make to provide services to you or others.

3.3 Notification of changes and/or improvements made to this privacy policy. This will notify visitors of changes in products or services and how they affect them.

3.4  Regarding existing clients, and former inquiries not resulting in a contract or sale: Notification of upcoming specials, promotions, fundraisers, deadlines, or related topics we may believe you could be interested in.

3.5 Personally identifiable data regarding visitors, with the potential of disclosing identity, is never shared without your consent.

4) Storing your Personal Data

4.1 Rest assured, your personal data is stored in secured, encrypted locations. Such locations include a third party studio management system, and online payment processing sites. Reminder: Your credit card information will never be stored on this site.

4.2 While there is never a 100% guarantee that data sent electronically is secure, we take the reasonable steps to ensure the safest, most secure method of data transmission possible, but ultimately, submission of sensitive information is at the risk of the individual submitting the information. If you are at all uncomfortable with this risk is to not transmit any data electronically. In that case, we urge you to contact Nichole Manner, Photographer via phone call or request in-person meeting.

5) Disclosure of Your Personal Information

5.1 At this time, the only third parties that may receive personal information are

5.1.1Those used to maintain correspondence with contracted clients and users who have submitted information regarding inquiries

5.1.2Online hosting sites for clients' images. Visitors to galleries may be asked to enter their email in order to download. Other personal information may be collected by this secure third party site for the purpose of billing and delivery of product in an e-commerce situation. 

5.1.3 Legal requirements may force us to share personal information.

5.1.4 Lowering credit risk and fraud protection may result in disclosure of information

6) Third Party Links

Occasionally, Nichole Manner, Photographer will provide third-party links on our website in order to provide the best customer service, sharing information, or entertainment, Nichole Manner, Photographer does not accept responsibility for these third party sites, and the user should refer to the third-party Privacy Policy.

7) Contact us regarding questions or concerns

If you have questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy, please contact us via email at