Is It Time to Update My Headshot? | Jefferson City Photographer

Is it time to update your professional headshot? These days, your online presence is the very first chance you have to make an impression. It can be not-so-flattering, or it can be polished and professional, creating trust in your potential clients and customers. Put your best face forward, and get started by reading on for some helpful tips!

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Looking back at 2017 | Jefferson City, MO Photographer

I meet a lot of incredible people through my job. We meet first through email or phone, and oftentimes leave our experience together as friends. It is an incredible gift to be allowed to peek into the lives of so many people, and my life is richer for it.

Here are a few favorites from my 2017 client work. I wish I could include them all, but it would mean a feature film versus a 2 minute video. 

For all you video snobs...first attempt. lol...

Have a Very Merry Christmas, and a Joyous and Prosperous New Year.

Hope you enjoy my look back. :)

Logan | Helias High School Senior | Jefferson City Photographer

I've known Logan's mom for quite some time now, and was pretty stoked when she asked me to photograph her son for his senior portraits!

Lemme tell ya...this kid is BUSY! A very successful soccer season made getting this guy on the schedule a bit of a challenge, but we got it done! I absolutely enjoyed working with him and his mom. Bonus!!! I also was blessed enough to photograph his family a week ago for some new family portraits (you have to wait to see those though....because this post is about Logan and all of his awesome-ness).

He kind of reminds me of a young Sean Penn....that face...that swagger... It was truly a joy having him in front of my camera. I am so thankful for such wonderful clients!

Without further adieu...



Whew!! It has been a while! Connor| Helias High School Senior | Jefferson City, MO Photographer

Boy, I can tell fall has hit!!! The months of September through October for most photographers are a a blessing and a curse. We love what we do and are very busy, but some blogging, have to sometimes take a back seat to photographing clients and keeping up with production work. Which can leave us feeling a bit blue....because we love to share!


I'm taking a minute while my computer churns away at some gallery uploads to share with you a few favorites from Connor's senior session. Connor is a senior at Helias High School right here in good ole Jefferson City. He loves tennis and is a pretty smart fella to boot. Soon enough, Connor will be moving with his family to California (the state..., not just down the road). I am thrilled and honored to have had the opportunity to work with him and his mom....such great people! Wishing them the absolute best on their new adventures.


Ayla | Jefferson City High School Senior

You know...I've said this before, but I absolutely love it when my seniors come as themselves. 

Their true selves.

I often tell prospective clients that I tend to shy away from fitting them into my "box". Of course, I have a certain way of photographing my clients, but it is largely influenced by what they bring to the table. 

Shy??? I meet them there.

Energetic?? I get energized.

Edgy?? Funky??? Quirky?? Classic?? Trendy??? 

My goal is to bring out the best in every client, while keeping them true to themselves.

Ayla was an exceptional subject, and she brought so many unique aspects of her personality to the session. Her style is a bit darker, she is interested in cosplay, loves Harry Potter, plays the viola (I mistakenly called it a violin...oopsie), a bit of an introvert ( I can totes relate to that!!), and super smart!!

And, I need to mention...she brought THE most fun Marvel Comics dress.

Her style, her interests, her attitude....all made my heart sing. I think we created some really great stuff together. Here are a few selections from Ayla's senior session. Enjoy!