When is the last time you felt truly beautiful?

I’m not talking beautiful in the ‘mainstream definition of perfection’ sense, but beautiful in the way who celebrates who you are as a woman?

Yes….you can define yourself as a mother, daughter, sister, or wife. But what else defines you??

You are:

  • Strong

  • Powerful

  • Accomplished

  • Survivor

  • Caring

  • Fun

  • Creative

  • Generous 

  • Encouraging

  • Supportive

These things make you beautiful. That beauty starts from within, and it helps write the stories I find behind the eyes of the women I photograph.

My ultimate goal when I photograph a woman is for them to redefine how they see themselves. By creating fine portraiture worthy of a wall in your home, or a fine art album on your table, I want the works we create together to serve as a reminder to you of that beauty that the world appreciates. Portraits can be so much more than a pretty picture.

As a woman, particularly as a woman over 30, we tend to get wrapped up in giving so much of ourselves, that we often forget ourselves. We focus on being wives, moms, daughters, professionals, homemakers…we are so many things to so many people. We nurture the things that surround us, but often put ourselves last.

Isn’t it time to redefine how you see yourself?

With the Femme Couture portrait session, you celebrate your femininity, your strength, your story.

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