How much do you charge??

I get this question quite frequently, and quite honestly, there is no one answer. Your investment in custom portraiture largely depends on the session type and final product you are searching for. My goal for you is to have the finest quality, professionally printed product I can offer, and I realize that different people have different needs. I highly recommend a consultation to determine the best type of session and products that will suit you. Knowing what we are shooting for in terms of product will greatly influence how I approach a session, and ensure that we all make the most efficient use of our time together.

Do I get a disc of all the images?

Session fees cover shooting time, travel, and preparation of your previews only. Of course, I do make artist originals available, and have several collection options available from which you can choose. In addition, with every printed image you purchase, I provide a web-sized version for you to share on social media.

Do you provide online galleries?

Short answer: No.

And here’s why:

Through my experience as a professional photographer, I have done business both ways, and have found that walking you through your selection process is far easier on my clients! How could that be, you ask? Well, I consider it part of my job as a professional to assist you, and by making that one extra hour-long appointment, I save you hours…if not weeks (or longer). I have the ability to help you quickly identify the images you love, and then guide you to the most appropriate method of printing and preserving them.

How long is a session?

Session lengths can vary depending on your goals. An in-studio executive portrait can take as little as 30 minutes (including image selection)…and senior sessions (depending on whether you choose studio, location or both), can last up to several hours. Once again, a consultation is highly recommended to determine the best session type for you and your budget.

What do I wear?

While I have a list of tried and true things that I know don’t translate well to portrait photography, the list of things that DO work is far greater! I say, have fun, mix things up with textures and play with color, but don’t stray too far from your own personal style. Your portraits should say something about who YOU are. During your consultation, we can talk more about clothing selection. If you would like me to make a home visit and help you out…I can do that!

Do you provide hair and makeup?

I have a list of preferred hair and makeup artists, all of which are licensed in the State of Missouri. I am happy to make referrals. At this time, clients arrange for hair and makeup directly with the provider. If you need assistance, I am happy to help you.