Hey there!

..........and thank you for stopping by!

My name is Nichole Manner, and I really want to be your choice for your family's portrait needs!

 I know, I know....."Photographers are a dime a dozen these days. And I can get my friend to do it for free, she has a really nice camera! What makes you so darn special?'

I could go on and bore you with the details of my experience. I will list that below if you really wanna read it. (lol)

But here's the thing..

This is what I do.

This is not a side gig for me.

From initial contact, to delivery of final product, I am walking my clients through every step of the process. You are not just another number. No online sales. I take the time with each and every client to help them make image selections. Trust me when I say this: Yes, it will be an extra appointment, BUT the time I save you from having to make selections on your own is priceless....which can take hours...or ...be honest....never happens at all. We are all so busy these days. It is so very easy to forget to make those choices and preserve them in print when we have ALL THE THINGS TO DO!!! We need to get your family's memories out on display where they can be enjoyed..not living on a computer, waiting ...no .....BEGGING for attention. Let's be honest...how often do you sit and enjoy your kiddo's baby photos on your computer? Wouldn't it be so much more special to have a great album or wall portrait?

As a professional photographer, I consider walking my clients through this process as my responsibility. If you walked into a fine bakery and they handed you a bag of ingredients and a pat on the back, along with a "good luck!",  it would seem strange, right? You want the finished product, ready to savor. I can do that for you. I will do that for you.

My expertise and skill set is what you are investing in. You are trusting me with memories you cannot get back. Paired with products from a professional lab, you have got yourself something special to be enjoyed for many, many years.

Don't know what you want? I can help you! I have options for a wide variety of products and price points.

Need wardrobe help?? I've got your back! I have been known to visit client's homes and help sift through selections and plan their session. Not only that, when I visit a client's home, I can actually help you decide size and location of that fabulous wall portrait! BONUS!

Oh, and you know what else? If you live in the Jefferson City area.....I also DELIVER your finished products to you. Crazy, right? I don't think it's crazy at all. I love it! Having a great relationship with my clients is very important to me. I cherish the looks on their faces when I deliver a big family  wall portrait or that senior portrait album. We get excited TOGETHER! It brings me such joy.

So, that's me, and my philosophy as professional photographer.

And, as promised...a little about my experience below. ;)

I look forward to working you!


Nichole is a member of the Professional Photographers of America, through which she has earned the prestigious degree of Master Photographer, and is Past President of the Missouri Professional Photographers Association, where she served for 8 years as an active member of the Board of Directors. She is currently serving her second term as a PPA Councilor representing professional photographers in the state of Missouri. Though having received numerous awards on both state and international levels, and being a four-time Missouri Photographer of the Year,  Nichole finds the biggest reward for her is in the creation of her works and clients who cherish their images and display them proudly in their homes.